Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences Of Language (HIPCS)


한양 음성·언어인지과학연구소


Director: Taehong Cho

#104, College of Humanities, Hanyang University, Seoul (133-791), Korea

Tel: +82-2-2220-2507




  • Hanyang Phonetics and Psycholinguistics Laboratory (HPPL), formerly "The Institute for Performative Humanities" originally established in 2005, was newly re-established in the College of Humanities at Hanyang University in 2017, with a new name as part of an effort to promote the Hanyang University Specializing Projects for linguistic and interdisciplinary aspects of phonetics and cognitive sciences of language.
  • It houses a speech recording studio, two speech perception studios, and 11 PCs for data recording and analyses; the state-of-the-art experimental facilities such as Electro-Magnetic Articulography (EMA) for articulatory movement tracking and Eye Link II for eye movement tracking.