Dual 3D Electromagnetic Articulograph 
(EMA, Carstens AG501 & AG501 Twin)

Location: College of Humanities, 2nd floor, Room No. 216
  • Electromagnetic Articulograph (EMA, Carsten AG501) is used to investigate kinematic aspects of articulation.

  • EMA consists of microscopic sensor coils (which are attached to a subject’s articulators such as the tongue, the jaw, and the lips) and a control computer.

  • EMA system converts the voltage variation generated in the electromagnetic field between the transmitters and the sensor coils into measurable numeric values, with which the articulatory movement can be examined. The control computer displays the movement of the articulators in real time, which enables experimenters to measure and analyze vertical and horizontal articulatory movements in mid-sagittal dimension inside the vocal tract. In addition, the coordination between articulatory movements and their corresponding acoustic waves can be investigated with this system.
  • The Articulograph AG501 Twin offers the same features as the AG501 but includes an alternating frequency.  In combination with the AG 501, it allows the simultaneous recording of the subject.