ICPhS 2023 국제 학술대회 참석
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ICPhS 2023 국제 학술대회 참석 2023/07/20

영어영문학과/이은환 2023/07/20 추천 0 / 신고 0 조회 : 480



내용 한양 음성·언어인지과학 연구소에서 체코, 프라하에서 2023년 8월 7일(월)부터 8월 11일(금)까지 열리는 International Congress of Phonetics Sciences(ICPHS) 2023에 참여합니다.

연구소 소속인원에 의해 다음과 같은 구두/포스터 발표가 있을 예정입니다.

Hongmei Li, Preboundary lengthening and its kinematic characteristics in Mandarin Chinese in interaction with focus and lexical tone
Jae-Eun Shin, Alignment of prosodic and syntactic junctures and vowel-initial glottalization in syntactic disambiguation in English
Jiyeon Song, Disappearing supralaryngeal articulatory distinction of the three-way laryngeal contrast of Korean velar stops
Jiyoung Lee, Intergestural CV timing of homophonous words with different morphological structures:A case study of liquid/l/ in Korean
Jungah Lee, Gender-related variation of nasality and sound change of denasalization driven by prosodic boundaries in Seoul Korean
Richard Hatcher, How does focus-induced prominence influence realization of edge tones and segmental anchoring in Seoul Korean?
Sungwok Hwang, Differential effects of prosodic boundary on glottalization of word-initial vowels in Korean
Suyeon Im, Some asymmetrical pre- versus post-focal effects on articulatory realization of prominence distribution in Korean