Light-weight Head-mounted Eye Tracker (EyeLink II, SR Research)

  • The eye tracker is a high-tech research device with great speed and precision for measuring eye positions and eye movements in various visual settings such as scene perception and reading. In the field of psycholinguistics, eye movements have been considered to provide significant implications on the language-based cognitive processes: how human-beings perceive and comprehend the sounds, meanings, and structures of language.
  • HPPL has an EyeLink II, which is a light-weight head-mounted system by SR Research Ltd. The EyeLink II system consists of three miniature cameras (two eye cameras and one scene camera) mounted on a headband. Eye cameras, which locate and track the center of the pupil and the corneal reflection, allow binocular eye tracking or easy selection of the subject’s dominant eye without any mechanical reconfiguration. In addition, the scene camera permits a researcher to conduct experiments using real-world tangible objects.